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Feed Additive Allicin powder
Feed Additive Allicin powder
Feed Additive Allicin powder
<<The largest allicin producer in China >>

      Allicin powder is premix compound formed by garlic oil adsorbing some carrier. White and floating thin powder.

     Garlicin Assay:5%,10%,15% or 25%

alicinallicin powder

      1.It can sterilize broad-spectrum and high-powdered,effective against many gram-positive bacteria and some gram-negative bacteria.Cab fungible in feed.It have significant effect on fish,shrimp,crap,turtle with faster cheek, reddish flecks,the ourflow of blood for enteritis.
      2.Having couse meal
      3.withe effection of resiting mildew
      4.without nocuity side-effect

Suggest dosage:(count content allicin oil 10%)
      200-100g/t for growing chook,egg chook,meat chook
      200-400g/t for yong pig, hog
      300-500g/t for fish and shirmp,double dosage during teatment

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